We pride ourselves in being a customer-focused, quality-driven company.
Integrity is essential to successful relationships. That is why our dedicated design, customer service, sales, accounting, and production departments work together as a team to meet our customer’s commitments.
Experienced leaders and forward-thinking employees are imperative to crafting better products. Kampack’s team has the skill-set to produce quality packaging, and we continue to look for innovative ways to enhance the experience of employees and customers alike. Safety is at the core of all our processes. Kampack provides employee training to ensure the well being of all of our stakeholders.
While Kampack continues to employ greener practices at home, we understand that collaboration is vital to inspiring change. We are proud members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and supporters of The Climate Group. Both organizations strive to establish a cleaner and greener world for generations to come.
“It is about more than just packaging; it’s about the way we operate, the principles by which we run our business, and the way we treat our customers and our workforce. It’s the whole package.”
~ Karen Mehiel, CEO